Diversified Strategies Business Support Center
Diversified Strategies Business Support Center

Accounting Resources

Have a new employee?


If you have payroll and you need assistance getting a new employee signed up with your payroll. Click below to obtain a new employee packet to make new employee orientation easy. 

Using QuickBooks Online?


We have attached the link , which describes how to provide our firm access to your QuickBooks Online account. However, please call to schedule a consultation prior to linking our account.

Tax Resources

Looking for your federal tax refund?

If you have been looking for your tax refund, below is the link to the IRS website to track your refund. Keep in mind  that most taxpayers receive their refund via direct deposit within three weeks of electronic submission. 

Or your Virginia refund?

Trying to determine where your state refund is? Below is the link to the state of Virginia refund tracker. If you are looking for another state, please refer to your state's website.

Do you have charitable contributions?

Below is the link to our donation tracker to make tallying up your charitable contributions a breeze. 

Owe the state of Virginia?

We have provided the link to pay the state of Virginia taxes. Use this link to make payments for your individual or business needs.